Barium Sulfate for PVC Profiles Use
Name:Barium Sulfate for PVC Profiles Use

Product Description

Barium Sulfate for PVC Profiles


1.    Specifiation:







Average Particle size (D50)


Oil Absorption

15~25 g/100g






2.    Application:  

Specially designed for PVC industry. It substitutes part of titanium dioxide and is a good PVC reinforcing filler, which can change the limited production and processing of PVC, and reduce costs.


3.    Advantages:

----Mix a certain percentage BaSO4 with titanium dioxide, it has a very good steric barrier ability, good particle distribution and dispersibility, and valley formed in the profile, to reduce static electricity.

----It has good dispersion, and a narrow particle size distribution. It has a good affinity with PVC and titanium dioxide particles, easy to mix, flocculation eliminating optical phenomenon in the extrusion process, improve surface finish, making visible surface color profiles uniform, smooth, face clean; reduce irregularities and shrink marks caused by the process. Enhanced toughness. Impact resistance, anti-aging, discoloration, suitable for rolling.

----high thermal stability (chemical changes occur above 1580 ), to reduce the rate of dimensional change after heating profiles, enhanced stress, good weather resistance, can be widely used in high-gloss and high durability material applications!


4.    Packing:

25kg / bag, or as per requests.



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