Barium Sulfate for Top-grade Battery
Name:Barium Sulfate for Top-grade Battery

Product Description

Barium Sulfate for High-class Battery


1.    Specifiation:




White powder

BaSO4 (as dried basis)






Sieve residue325mesh


apparent density

0.53±0.04 g/ml


2.    Application:  

Mainly used in HIGH CLASS battery applications.

It is modified and ultra-fine.

It contains no iron, so that it inhabits the battery discharge.

It has good dispersion, and can be highly dispersed into the negative electrode active materials. It has more crystalline center discharge, which has better prevent of contraction of the specific surface area of lead, effectively postpone plates passivation.

Batteries start faster and have longer life in actual use.


3.    Advantages:

It is specially designed for high class battery use. It is the current Chinese best quality battery-use barium sulfate, with, highest BaSO4 and lowest Fe.

The battery starts faster, even in minus 20-30 , the battery remains good performance, our barium sulfate has been in approved by "Panasonic" Japan by 10 years, as designated supplier.


4.    Packing:

25kg / bag, or as per requests.



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